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Depending on your model of bike, we recommend that minor services are carried out in roughly 5,000 – 6,000 kilometre intervals. Most later model motorcycles (around 2014 onwards) do not list a scheduled minor service until 15,000 kilometres. Despite this, we still recommend you carry out minor services on a more regular basis, as we believe that 15,000klms is too long to go without regular maintenance. You can find what is recommended for your motorcycle in your owner’s manual, however if you’re not sure what your service schedule should be or you believe your bike may not be on schedule, then feel free to get in contact with the team and we will be able to advise accordingly.


Below is a list of tasks carried out when completing a minor service.

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Clean/replace air filter

  • Clean/replace spark plugs

  • Check steering head bearing condition

  • Lube and adjust chain

  • Check/adjust tyre pressures and condition

  • Check brake pad condition

  • Change brake and clutch fluids

  • Lube pivot points

  • Lube/adjust throttle cable

  • Check battery condition and charging system

  • Check coolant level

  • Visual inspection – fork seals, brake lines, oil leaks etc.

  • Check headlights, indicators, stop lights etc.

  • Test ride

Get in touch with the team to 

arrange your next service

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