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An intermediate service is typically carried out at increments of 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 kilometres dependant upon the model and era of motorcycle. Despite being quite often overlooked, this service is critical for fine tuning your motorcycle and keeping it running well over its lifetime. Typically, these will take place halfway between your major services. Some Ducati models (from roughly 2014 onwards), do not suggest an intermediate service is necessary, and rather that a minor service halfway between the major services while suffice. Despite that, we have found that checking valve clearances halfway between majors has proven highly beneficial for particular models. Please contact us for further information to ensure your bike is getting the best care. 

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Below is a list of tasks carried out when completing an intermediate service.

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Remove cam belt covers, belts and rocker covers

  • Check and adjust valve clearances

  • Refit above parts

  • Clean/replace spark plugs

  • Clean/replace air filter

  • Check and set fuel injection/carburetors

  • Lube and adjust chain

  • Check/adjust tyre pressures and condition

  • Check brake pad condition

  • Change brake and clutch fluids

  • Check steering head bearing condition

  • Lube pivot points

  • Lube/adjust throttle cable

  • Check coolant level

  • Check battery condition and charging system

  • Visual inspection – fork seals, brake lines, oil leaks etc.

  • Check headlights, indicators, stop lights etc.

  • Test ride

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